Alva Jay, the super hot and sexy cosplayer, is single and ready to mingle. If the OnlyFans idol enjoys going on dates, do you want to ask her out?

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Most cosplay models spend their time dressing up as her favorite characters from movies and TV shows. The good news is, our sexy cosplay girl, Alva Jay, is now ready for a relationship with a man who shares her interests.

Alva JayAt the moment, the 27-year-old from Southern California has bumped up to 1.6 million followers. Alva Jay believed her cosplays are of the highest quality. Some of her well-known characters as varied as Shinobu Kocho from the popular Anime series Dragon Slayer, to Princess Leia from Star Wars. She admitted she loves making her cosplays sexy, fun, and lewd.

The truth is, her followers also really appreciates it. Thus, she might receives multi of offers from male admirers, who follow her on Instagram.

Alva JayOther influencers commented that her great artworks are boosting her mood too. Alva Jay reveals that cosplays are just so fun. Dressing up and just feeling oneself as that character is a whole mood. Her favorite character is Zero Two from an anime. She just fell in love with the costume and the vibe of the character.

Alva cosplays

Alva Jay earns most from her successful social media profiles – and fills extra cash from the sexy subscription platform OnlyFans too.

Alva Jay is hoping for a relationship with her fan

The Instagram star shared her experience of running an online shop to re-sell contact lenses from her costumes. Besides, our girl also do makeup tutorials on YouTube for a period. She always feels proud and grateful for making good money from the sex industry. Although making more than enough, she still gets hit on by men countless times a day.

Previous in the industry, the sexy cosplayer has dated fans before. Alva Jay confessed having dated guys who were her followers and DM her, though it sounds pretty crazy. Despite all the male fans’ attention, Alva is currently single for good. She has no rule for dating someone from her community, just respect her when they met. The cosplay star emphasized not to be shy about asking her out.

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