Olive London is now one of the newly hottest model thanks to her sizzling figure. Recently, the model has overwhelmed her fans with the series of sexy leopard-pattern bikini snaps.

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In her recent snap, she reveals most of her curves in her hot and wild leopard-pattern bikini. She wears the black gloves up to her elbow that we find it hard to resist.

london olive
The model was born in 1999, with her glowing hourglass figure reminds you of Venus. In an interview, London Olive shared that she started the professional career since she was 15, but not until 18 she just followed the model job after finishing studying.

During quarantine, she poses with a suit of off-shoulder denim jacket and a blight color jeans. Her albums are always the good evidence of “braless is flawless.”


London olive
Heart-bumping alert since her semi-nude photos might blow your heart and mind away. The American model height is 175cm, with the body figure number of 81-63-91,

london olive

Aside from Model professional career, London Olive also joins herself to an inspired beauty blogger. Her channel is known for diet or beauty tips and workout tutorials.

Recent Story

According to the Kentucky model, she would be ready to go to prom with a random guy (also from Lexington) on Twitter, but he has to get 500,000 retweets to have a chance. That’s a real story that happened on Twitter, and her promise to a kid for going on a date with him at his prom. Though that is an outrageous number, London Olive has done for good since this kid might be popular than before as the coolest guy at school who has a dating chance with the sexy model.

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